Kitchen Secrets: The 4-Ingredient Diabetes Cookbook

We all want a better, healthier lifestyle but sometimes it feels like there isn’t enough time in the day to achieve our goals.  If you are dealing with an illness like Diabetes, it can be even more complex in making the right food choices and finding time to prepare healthier meals.  Cooking can be one of […]

8 Ways to Get Your Kids Interested in Science

Advances in technology are making STEM topics in general more and more important to our children’s futures, but can often be seen as “boring” by kids as well as parents.  As a National Geographic Kids Insider, it’s great to receive free review products and ideas that help get my kids interested in science, they are an […]

The Benefits of Bedtime Stories #FallAsleepwithElephant

Do you read to your children at bedtime?  Did you know that in addition to sharing your love of reading and bonding with your child, there are many other educational and therapeutic benefits of reading bedtime stories?  Thanks to our partnership with Random House Children’s, we are excited to discuss the benefits of bedtime stories and share […]

The Protector Preview and Prize Pack Giveaway #TheProtector

Typically, I tend to prefer thrillers or non-fiction reads, but I must confess, ever-so-often, I love to cuddle up with a great romance!  THE PROTECTOR has a bit of the fast-paced thriller story line I love but is chock full of heart-pounding and heart-warming romance, too.  This feature giveaway is brought to you in partnership with […]