Brush Pen Lettering- The Art of Drawing Fancy Letters

Don’t you just love receiving a beautiful, handwritten letter or card with brush pen lettering?  As someone with less-than-ideal penmanship, I have long admired beautiful handwriting and calligraphy.  They are such lovely arts requiring symbolic of romance and requiring a skillful touch. Each perfectly swooped letter creates a unique treasure as no two handwritten letters […]

Beekeeping Advice for Beginners

Are you interested in beekeeping?  As the need to protect our bee population increases, this is something our family is researching to learn the basics and decide the best way to establish hives on our farm.  If like us, you have questions on how to begin, read on!  We reached out to Kim Lehman, author of Beekeeper’s […]

Kitchen Secrets: The 4-Ingredient Diabetes Cookbook

We all want a better, healthier lifestyle but sometimes it feels like there isn’t enough time in the day to achieve our goals.  If you are dealing with an illness like Diabetes, it can be even more complex in making the right food choices and finding time to prepare healthier meals.  Cooking can be one of […]

8 Ways to Get Your Kids Interested in Science

Advances in technology are making STEM topics in general more and more important to our children’s futures, but can often be seen as “boring” by kids as well as parents.  As a National Geographic Kids Insider, it’s great to receive free review products and ideas that help get my kids interested in science, they are an […]