How To Help Your Kids Protect Their Tech

Back when I was in school, the teachers would hand out all the books on the first day of class. We’d carry them all home in overloaded backpacks and spend the evening covering them in brown paper bags, which would become doodle space when bored in class throughout the year. Today, many schools don’t even […]

Brush Pen Lettering- The Art of Drawing Fancy Letters

Don’t you just love receiving a beautiful, handwritten letter or card with brush pen lettering?  As someone with less-than-ideal penmanship, I have long admired beautiful handwriting and calligraphy.  They are such lovely arts requiring symbolic of romance and requiring a skillful touch. Each perfectly swooped letter creates a unique treasure as no two handwritten letters […]

Celebrating new Miffy Toys at Walmart!

As Miffy Brand Ambassador, I am so excited to share with you today that Miffy just released her new toy line at Walmart!! I received a few to test out and they are super cute… read on for more details! Growing up, my sons loved watching Miffy and Friends and now my granddaughter is a […]

Summertime Fun with Water Wubble (Giveaway!)

One of the huge perks of our new homestead is our new above ground pool.  As you can imagine, we are finding every reason we can to spend time cooling off in our current heatwave and looking for more ways to enhance our pool time.  When I had the chance to partner with Water Wubble® […]