Pirates of the Caribbean : Dead Men Tell No Tales Activity Sheets #PiratesLife #PiratesOfTheCaribbean

Yo ho, it’s totally a pirate’s life for me!  When I visited Disney World for the first time, the Pirates of the Caribbean Ride immediately captured my young imagination.  I totally loved the intrigue, the adventure, the sights, sounds, costumes, music – well, everything!  It’s the ride I make a point to go on over and over […]

Award-Winning Match: G.H. Cretors and Family Movie Night

Did you know nearly 70% of popcorn is eaten at home?  We’re definitely contributing to that statistic as popcorn is our favorite family movie night snack!  Thanks to G.H. Cretors, who sent us a lovely complementary home movie night kit for review,  we’re sharing our obsession with artisanal popcorn! We love popcorn, but honestly, not […]

CARS 3 – The Story of the Story!

Do you ever wonder how stories are developed for a film?  Me, too!  Often, there’s so much that goes into the script-writing process that we never see or hear about.  All of these delicious details can truly enhance your film-viewing experience, though.  It’s one of the reason I truly love “extras” that are released with […]

The hero the world needs – Wonder Woman Preview

Are you a WONDER WOMAN fan? Thanks to my partnership with Warner Bros. Pictures, I’m sharing my love of this extraordinary heroine, my excitement for the new film and a preview… read on! When I was a little girl, my brother introduced me to the world of superheroes by having me play Batman and Robin […]