Reliable Medical Information at Your Fingertips – Merck Manual Consumer App

When you have a medical question, where do you find reliable information?  While I certainly speak directly with my doctor for any important matters, there are often times I just have a curious question or two and need some quick answers.  Thanks to my partnership with Merck for this sponsored post, I’ve now discovered The […]

What Are The Benefits of a Bone Broth Diet?

It is important to find new ways to stay on top of your health. This is especially true if you are someone that deals with pain on a daily basis. Whether you are not able to move your joints the way that you once were or you are experiencing digestive troubles, it can be very […]

Mom Milestones – Shaving Tips For Teens with Gillette Mach3 SE #RednessFree

This post is sponsored by Vocalpoint, P&G and Gillette. All opinions, experience, and shaving tips for teens are that of Rural Mom. There comes a time in every mom’s life when she’s clueless. For me this was identifying when my sons needed to start shaving and better, figuring out how to teach them. Thank goodness for my […]

Saying “good-bye” to allergens in my home with the Honeywell HPA200

I look out my window and everything is so serene and beautiful – trees blooming, a gentle breeze blowing…and…AAAACHHHOOOO! There goes all of that serenity! Spring allergies are no joke around here, so we do what we can to keep them at bay. One of the best ways to do that is to use an […]