Festival Ready with Swap.com

With Summer in full swing and Autumn soon approaching, we are in full festival mode in Kentucky!  From church picnics, to peach jam festivals, outdoor concerts, picnics and school rallies, every weekend we have something going on straight through October.  I’m partnering with Swap.com today to get festival ready with a really cool new way […]

Smart Budgeting Tricks for Back-to-School Shopping #SchoolHappens

Eek! All over the country the kids are going back to school already! What happened to summer? It seems that every year the summer months go faster.  With the end of the summer also comes the annual back-to-school battle – the one where the kids’ back-to-school style doesn’t generally agree with the family’s budget or […]

Travel Style: Thirty-One Gifts Fold-Over Weekender

Have bag, will travel! This is my basic motto. Of course, there are other things involved, like money, time, weather, etc., but we don’t need to get into the details today. Let’s talk about this really cute Thirty-One Gifts Fold-Over Weekender bag that makes me want to pack and head out on a road trip […]

Demonstrating my Rural Mom style (and sensibility!) with Otterbox

I work hard and I play hard, and if something is going to keep up with me it has to be tough! My phone is no exception. I recently posted about the latest love of my life, the Samsung Galaxy S7, and the only thing that could possibly make that phone better is a case […]