Help Your Child to Spread Joy | Joy Maker Challenge

‘Tis the season for giving!  ‘Tis the season for joy! As a Hasbro Kindness Ambassador, this year I’ve partnered with Hasbro on the mission to help spread the joy forward with the Joy Maker Challenge.  It’s a fantastic program to encourage our youth to get involved with volunteer opportunities.  Learn how to help your child to spread joy […]

Why You Need to Get a Free Give Back Box Now #DonateStuffCreateJobs

During the holidays, being eco-friendly is not always at the top of our list. We get so busy and caught up in the hustle and bustle of the holidays that we can lose track of the true meaning. This year, thanks to our partnership with Goodwill, I present you with a simple solution to be […]

4 Smart Ways to Teach Your Child Good Manners

When I was a kid, I really didn’t like hearing stories about how disrespectful kids are “these days.”  I won’t go into detail about when “these days” were, but let’s just say that kids today are still struggling with the art of good manners.  As this is such an important topic vital to our children’s success […]

Be Fearless, Be Kind – TODAY! #BFBK #Bekind

How do you teach your children to be fearless and to be kind in a world where lack of empathy is one of the biggest issues?  It’s no easy job to be a parent when bullying is on the rise and children are acting out.  As a Hasbro Kindness Ambassador, I’m partnering with Hasbro to share exciting […]