Comfort You’ll Love – Brentwood Home Kids Space Bundle Giveaway

We think kids have it easy, but from a teen’s perspective, life can often be stressful.  School, sports, academics, complex peer relationships and even world events all can contribute to adding stress.  Helping them learn to cope with day-t0-day stressors includes ensuring they have a comfortable spot at home for times when they need a […]

How to Organize Your Home after the Holidays

New Year’s Day has come and gone. Are you the type of person who puts all your holiday decorations away before the first of the year or do you savor them for just a little while longer? How does the rest of your home look? Is it organized for the year? Our friends from Thirty-One […]

Quick, Easy, Elegant Holiday Tablescape Ideas

Tablescapes can really enhance your holiday décor. There are many families that enjoy their holiday dinners elsewhere but like to set and decorate the table anyway because it just gives a certain ambiance to their home. I’m not sure I’d go to so much trouble and then eat somewhere else if I had a beautiful […]

Quick and Easy Ways to Add Rustic Glitz to Your Holidays!

Did you put your Christmas tree up the day after Thanksgiving? That’s the most common time to do it, though I know that some people wait until the last minute for a few reasons. One, it’s a lot of work to drag out the ornaments and decorations. Two, if you don’t drag them out, you […]