4 Ways How You Can Lower Your Stress Levels and Feel Healthier

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There is a strong correlation between stress levels and people’s overall well-being. Stress can push you towards anxiety-driven behaviors that are counterproductive to the things that you want to be doing or activities that support good health. When you’re stressed out, you won’t exercise your best decision-making and your stress may be in the driver’s seat.

Stress can cause people to avoid exercise, eat unhealthy foods, lose sleep, and skip out on making time for fun. Ultimately, these common consequences of stress combined with the physical ramifications of stress itself can be detrimental to your mental and physical health. Stress can act as a toxin throughout your body. It may aggravate medical conditions, cause inflammation, or even upset your digestive system.

Managing your stress will have positive mental and physical benefits that can improve your quality of life. Here are four strategies for relieving stress and keeping a well-balanced perspective when challenges come your way.

4 Ways How You Can Lower Your Stress Levels and Feel Healthier

1. Get Moving

Exercise is a fantastic way to relieve tension and lower your stress. Giving your cardiovascular activity a boost can bring down your body’s levels of hormones associated with stress such as cortisol. It also stimulates your body to produce endorphins, which can elevate your mood and combat physical discomfort.

In addition, regular exercise can keep your energy levels regulated and help you improve your endurance over time. You’ll be less susceptible to fatigue-induced stress, and you’ll have better mental alertness throughout a challenging workday.

2. Treat Stress Naturally With Cannabinoids

CBD has been shown to help people relieve stress and anxiety without making it difficult for them to do the things that need to get done. Some people have reported feeling a slight sedative effect, and in fact, some types of CBD products are combined with other sedating compounds such as melatonin to help people unwind at bedtime.

For the most part, however, CBD products won’t make completing tasks more difficult; it will just make you feel less stressed out about doing them. It can interrupt the repetition of stressed thought patterns and make you feel calmer and more in charge of your thoughts. CBD gummies are a great product choice because they taste great, easily transportable, and produce relatively fast results.

3. Cut Back on Caffeine

You may think that consuming a lot of caffeine at once gives you a kick-start to take on a lot of work, but it may be kick-starting a stress reaction. While you may get a quick burst of energy, it is typically short-lived, and you’re left craving more caffeine to chase the energy as it fades. Moreover, caffeine can cause a sudden increase in your body’s cortisol levels and raise your blood pressure. Adding a stress element to elevated blood pressure levels could have serious health consequences.

Lastly, a large volume of caffeine can interfere with brain activity that may make you more prone to experience stress. Research has shown a link between activity in the brain’s frontal lobe and limbic system which regulates important functions such as judgment, attention, memory, and emotions.

Limit your caffeine intake and avoid drinking caffeine all day long. Instead of coffee, opt for a non-caffeinated hot beverage such as a green tea. Instead of caffeinated sugary sodas, choose water or a naturally flavored seltzer.

4. Take Breaks Throughout Your Day

Stopping to take a few minutes to yourself during your busy day can be a big help in relieving stress. Even when you’re working with serious time constraints on what you need to get done, failing to take breaks may make you work slower due to increased stress. Get up from what you’re doing and practice some self-calming techniques such as breathing or stretching exercises. It will get your blood circulating and can help revive you when you start to feel your energy dissipating.

In addition, it can help you reshape your perspective to be more positive about whatever you need to take on. You’ll fortify your thought process against stressors and improve your ability to concentrate.

Ultimately, stress can significantly impede productivity and stand as a barrier between you and good health. Taking steps to lower stress with exercise, natural supplements, limiting caffeine, and pacing your activities with breaks will help you to stay productive and healthy.


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