Why June is the Sweetest Month of the Year

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Sweet summertime is getting even sweeter!  June is the sweetest month of the year because it’s National Candy Month.  How will you celebrate?

There are many occasions that you can enjoy candy as a special treat. (Halloween, Valentine’s Day, and winter holiday season, just to name a few). But how many of them celebrate candy for an entire month?

Celebrate National Candy Month

Join the National Confectioners Association (NCA) in celebrating National Candy Month during the month of June!

Why June is the Sweetest Month of the Year

There’s no better time to celebrate. The Sweets & Snacks Expo, where many confectionery products are first shown to the public just ended.  This means thousands of new delicious treats and fresh takes on classic favorites are on their way to store shelves near you.

I had the chance to attend the Sweet & Snacks Expo last year and it’s truly amazing how innovative the snack industry is.  Certainly enjoy tried-and-true favorites, but I love that we continue to see new flavors and trends to enjoy.

Why June is the Sweetest Month of the Year

Celebrate Candy’s Role in Our Economy

National Candy Month also celebrates candy and chocolate’s role as important drivers of the American economy.

The confectionery industry directly employs nearly 54,000 Americans in manufacturing jobs in all 50 states.  Additionally, ten other jobs are supported by every one job in candy manufacturing. This, in turn, supports hundreds of thousands of jobs outside the candy and confectionery industry and is what the NCA calls the #PowerofSweet. It’s hard to believe a little piece of your favorite candy can have such a big impact on the national economy!

There are so many different types of candy and chocolate out there. Which one is your favorite? How will you be celebrating National Candy Month?

Check out NCA’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to see what’s happening during National Candy Month and share how you’re celebrating with the hashtag #NationalCandyMonth.

Happy treating!

Why June is the Sweetest Month of the Year

This sponsored post is brought to you by the National Confectioners Association and coordinated by Wendy’s Bloggers.

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