Sleeping Better with SensorGel

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How would your life improve if you were sleeping better?  For me, a good night’s sleep improves everything! Thanks to my partnership with SensorGel, I have a new pillow point-of-view that has improved the way I rest.

One thing I truly miss from my youth is the ability to sleep just about anywhere in any position. Now that I’m pushing fifty, there’s no way I could ever comfortably curl up on the floor with a blanket and drift away. Though I no longer have the amazing resilience and flexibility of my younger self, I have learned the keys to success for a good night’s sleep and top among them is having a great pillow to help support your slumber.

Sleeping Better with SensorGel

You truly can’t put a price on having a restful night’s sleep. It makes a world of difference in your energy levels, your disposition and your overall health and wellness. Just as I invest in a good pair of shoes to support me through my daily journeys, I find it’s equally important to invest in a quality pillow to support my nighttime sleep.

The SensorGel Advanced iCOOL Gel Memory Foam pillow is the newest addition to my nighttime routine.  Honestly, I’m truly happy to discover this gem of a product.  Sometimes you just need a fresh perspective and this pillow gave me just that with comfort and cooling technologies that enhance my lifestyle.  And that equates to bedtime J-O-Y!

The first thing I loved about our new SensorGel Advanced iCOOL Gel Memory Foam pillows is the feel of the fabric. They have a lovely, soft, quilted cover that feels cuddly to the touch. When laying on the pillow, your just sink right into the comfort. Yet, I still have excellent support from the SensorGel gel-infused, pressure-relieving memory foam.

Sleeping Better with SensorGel

I also immediately enjoyed the noticed the cooling sensation from the fabric. It’s very comfortable, not intrusive, just refreshing. SensorGel Advanced iCOOL Gel Memory Foam is made with Cold Touch fabric that helps to eliminate thermal build up and ventilation while you sleep, for a cooler and more comfortable night’s sleep.

Balanced body temperature is a big factor in getting a good night’s sleep. Hot flashes can be unbearable at times. When you have a pillow that works with you to reduce heat buildup through the night, it can be the difference between a fitful night or a restful one. As a woman who is experiencing pre-menopausal symptoms, having a pillow that reduces heat buildup through the night is a true blessing!

I’m a side sleeper and this hypoallergenic pillow offers just the right amount of support.  SensorGel is responsive to the needs of each user and is recommended for back, side and stomach sleepers.

Sleeping Better with SensorGel

SensorGel Advanced iCOOL Gel Memory Foam pillows come with a removable, zippered pillow cover.  If you prefer to add additional covers, the size (24″ x 16″ x 5.5″,) is ample fitting most standard-to-King size pillow cases.

I suspect with the quality of materials, I will get a very long use from this wonderful pillow.  It comes with a 15-year warranty which is always offers some added peace-of-mind. I generally find that companies that stand behind their product with extended warranties typically deliver a superior product to begin with.

Are you ready for a good night’s sleep? You’ll find a wealth of SensorGel products, including the SensorGel Advanced iCOOL Gel Memory Foam pillow to help you rest at

Want to do a touch test to feel the difference for yourself?  SensorGel is sold exclusively at Macy’s, head on over to your local store to check them out!

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