Special Moments and Big Savings with Member’s Mark Formula at Sam’s Club

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We’ve partnered with Mirum to chat about how Member’s Mark Formula at Sam’s Club can help moms save without sacrifice!  This post sponsored by Mirum, but all opinions are my own.

The smiles, the “coo’s”, the first giggles and the tiny soft little toes – there are so many amazing baby moments to cherish. As moms, we all know children are our greatest gifts.  We also know they are our greatest expense!

Special Moments and Big Savings with Member's Mark Formula at Sam's Club

From diapers to bottles to clothing and car seats, baby expenses can quickly add up.  During the first year, the unexpected purchases can really set back our budget, but of course we want what are children need and what’s best for our babies.

When it comes to cutting costs, we don’t want to sacrifice quality.  It’s just way too important that our little ones get everything they need, especially when it comes to nutrition.  This is where the newly formulated to be Non-GMO Member’s Mark Formula can be a mom’s and a baby’s best friend!  Member’s Mark Formula from Sam’s Club offers the same high-quality ingredients as national brands without the high cost.

I appreciated every ounce of formula savings I could get when my children were babies.  As the biggest expense in our home, at the time, it really helped when we could trim the cost.  Parents can save $450 annually when purchasing Member’s Mark Formula at Sam’s Club.  That’s a who lot of money back in your budget to help cover other expenses like diapers and strollers.

About Member’s Mark Formula

There are four types of Member’s Mark Formula available and they are all now non-GMO:

  • Member’s Mark Formula: Sensitivity – Tender tummies love the Sensitive formula. It’s ideal for lactose-sensitive babies, and features a unique blend of DHA, lutein and vitamin E.
  • Member’s Mark Formula: Infant – Get your baby started right with the Infant formula. It contains nutrients found in breast milk, and an excellent source of nutrition for the first year.
  • Member’s Mark Formula: Advantage – This high-quality Advantage formula is made to resemble breast milk, and contains a unique blend of DHA, lutein and vitamin E.
  • Member’s Mark Formula: Gentle – A special milk-based formula with easy-to-digest proteins. Member’s Mark Gentle is formulated with a unique blend of nutrients that support your baby’s brain development.

Learn more about Member’s Mark formula, purchase and check out just how much money you will save HERE.

Special Moments and Big Savings with Member's Mark Formula at Sam's Club

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