How To Host a Purr-fect Birthday Party for your Cat!

Do celebrate your cat’s milestones?  Thanks to my partnership with Oriental Trading, I’m sharing fun ways to host a purr-fect birthday party for your cat that’s sure to be a paw-some time!

I once saw a meme that said “I’m sorry I can’t come to your wedding – it’s my cat’s birthday and I’m having a party.” I giggled a little and moved on with my day. Fast forward a few years, and I’m hosting a first birthday party for our adopted cat.

How To Host a Purr-fect Birthday Party for your Cat!

Before you start thinking I’ve completely lost my marbles, rest assured, my mental health is in check. However, I’ve been spending a lot of time with my granddaughter this summer, and thus, I’m in a little bit of little girl mode. There’s nothing a little girl loves more than a fun birthday party, she’s been talking about it all week and even had my daughter take her to buy our kitty a little present.

It is awesome when the little ones get so excited, which makes me want to celebrate even more.  Plus, our adopted cat Harley has brought so much love and warmth to our family, we are grateful for her and celebrating her first birthday is a fun way we can pamper her a bit.

So let’s talk about tips for a cat’s birthday party, shall we?

How To Host a Purr-fect Birthday Party for your Cat!

Ideas for hosting a purr-fect birthday party for your cat:

Decorate! It’s probably no surprise that a good theme for a cat’s birthday party is Hello Kitty! I got some really paw-some Hello Kitty decorations from Oriental Trading. I love Oriental Trading because the selection is huge and that makes it really easy to stay within a theme. Whether your theme is St. Patrick’s Day, Graduation, Halloween, or your cat’s birthday, you’ll find plenty of options!

We went with the Hello Kitty Basic Party Pack for simplicity, but there are plenty of ways to mix and match as you see fit. The party pack included 8 plates, cups, and cutlery sets as well as 16 napkins, a tablecloth, 2 rolls of streamers, 24 balloons, confetti, and Hello kitty invitations! This party pack includes everything you need for indoor decorating.

How To Host a Purr-fect Birthday Party for your Cat!

Add an extra-special touch.  You can have even more fun if you decorate outdoors, as well. For example, you could spruce up your doorstep with this adorable Hello Kitty Happy Birthday Banner.

I wanted to do something extra-special to not only say “the party is here” but also to commemorate the day and our furr-family addition.  The Resting Cat Stone provided a wonderful option.  For the party, I used the balloons from our Hello Kitty Basic Party Pack and ribbon to greet our guests.  After the party, the stone is now a permanent addition to my front garden, letting all our future visitors know we are a cat-friendly home.

How To Host a Purr-fect Birthday Party for your Cat!

Let them eat cake! By “them”, I mean both your human guests and the feline guest of honor – separate cakes, though!  You can purchase cat-friendly birthday treats at pet and specialty stores or you can make one of your own.

Need a recipe for a cat-friendly cake? There are recipes all over the internet, like this one I found on Buzzfeed. They claim you could actually eat it if you wanted to, though I am quite happy to enjoy a nice chocolate cake with my human friends instead!

How To Host a Purr-fect Birthday Party for your Cat!


Plan fun activities. No birthday party would be complete without activities – we decided to make cat themed headbands. I wouldn’t suggest trying to hold down your cat and putting one on him, but guests will have a great time making them.

I also found a free printable cat coloring page on Oriental Trading.  Another reason I love using them for party needs, they really think of everything and offer so many ideas for your celebrations.

How To Host a Purr-fect Birthday Party for your Cat!

Don’t skip the favors! I found these adorable little hot pink favor pails at Oriental Trading as well. I filled them with little take-home goodies like Hello Kitty Blowouts, cat stampers, and even 1st Birthday candies. They make a purr-fect thank you gift!

How To Host a Purr-fect Birthday Party for your Cat!

With a little bit of planning, you and your human guests can have a cat-tastic time celebrating your feline’s birthday. After all, our pets are part of the family too! Any birthday is a reason for a party!

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