Comfort You’ll Love – Brentwood Home Kids Space Bundle Giveaway

We think kids have it easy, but from a teen’s perspective, life can often be stressful.  School, sports, academics, complex peer relationships and even world events all can contribute to adding stress.  Helping them learn to cope with day-t0-day stressors includes ensuring they have a comfortable spot at home for times when they need a little quiet time to decompress.   Thanks to Brentwood Home, we’ve discovered the Brentwood Home Kids Space Bundle, perfect for creating a relaxing space.

Comfort You'll Love - Brentwood Home Kids Space Bundle

Not every home has the room to create a separate space, so creating a corner in your teen’s bedroom for reading, resting or just chilling out is a great place to start.  You can start small with a few pillows or go big with an entire room re-design.  I think investing in a key piece of comfort you know they will love is an excellent place to start.

For me, I love to look for portable pieces so that my teens can move around the house in quest of a comfortable spot, if they wish.  Sometimes, they just want to find a cushy spot to sit and talk about their day with you.  With the memory foam lounger in the Brentwood Home Kids Space Bundle, my son has the flexibility to move his seat into the kitchen if he wants to sit and chat while I’m making dinner.

Though it’s a great seat, the lounger has become his favorite head rest (as you can see!)  The plush, hugging sensation cradles his neck and back, providing great support for lounging while reading his favorite book.  He can change positions easily and I’ve even seen him do a belly flop over the lounger a few times, which I have to admit doesn’t look comfortable, but he insists it sure is!

Comfort You'll Love - Brentwood Home Kids Space Bundle

The Brentwood Home Kids Space Bundle includes:

  • A nontoxic polyurethane and gel memory foam Venice Lounger with plush slipcover
  • A Kids Pillow filled with a mixture of silky smooth kapok, plus the texture of all natural latex for extra supportive resilience and a 100% organic cotton cover.  Specifically designed for the health-conscious parent who wants the most natural night’s sleep for their child

Both items are of high quality and well designed.  Unlike other lounge-style chairs I’ve looked at, the Brentwood Home Venice Lounger in the Kids Space Bundle is retains its shape and is built to last.   I have little doubt that this chair will take my son through his remaining middle school, through high school and likely beyond!

Comfort You'll Love - Brentwood Home Kids Space Bundle

The pillow is very soft and comfortable.  My teen said it’s great and just the right slim height profile for him.  I prefer a firmer pillow and if your teen does, no problem, you can order the Brentwood Home Venice Lounger separately and then check out their amazing selection of pillows to find one that suits your individual preferences.

After all, it’s all about creating a little haven of comfort for your teen (and you!) in your home!

Be sure to visit Brentwood Home for more inspiration and ideas for adding comfort to your home at: Brentwood Home

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How do you create a comfortable spot for your kids in your home?  Do you have a special chair or lounger designated for relaxation? 

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  1. I have a special chair or lounger designated for relaxation.

  2. Lacey Burd says:

    I just bought my daughter a low loft bed (just bought it yesterday actually). We’re going to turn the area underneath into a reading nook for her.

  3. My girls are fond of our love seat (which has seen better days) in our den. They have been using it for years for everything from lounging to gymnastics!

  4. Is that a carry handle on the lounger? If so I really love that! Need more comfort in our home!

  5. Grace Hodgin says:

    I have an area set up in front of our fireplace that is a mat wirh pillows. We call it the artist corner because there is a picnic basket there filled with sketch pads, drawing pencils and stamps to inspire creativity. It is a nice place to read too. When my grand daughter came for a visit she claimed it as her spot.

  6. We have an area in the family room, where the hang out.

  7. Tabathia B says:

    Well in her room she has a section where her stuffed animals are together and she usually sits wit them surrounding her

  8. jeremy mclaughlin says:

    My sons like to hang out in the family room.

  9. We have a rocking chair for our son, but it’s not very comfortable and he doesn’t sit in it very long. We do have a bookcase in the corner of his room where he reads books.

  10. We have a reading corner in my son’s room with a chair. This chair looks much more comfy though!

  11. rochelle haynes says:

    I do not have a special spot for my kids just their own rooms

  12. We have a corner in our family room for reading.

  13. dianne hall says:

    We have a recliner in our living room. That is where we typically read together!

  14. They have a space in their room by their bookshelves where they read. This would totally add to the space though!

  15. Tee Anderson says:

    My kids have a space in their rooms to read books.

  16. We have a reading corner in our playroom. They love it.

  17. Jessica To says:

    My son has a special lounge chair that he uses to read or to play on electronics.

  18. The kids like to relax in the 2 family recliners. We have big pillows and soft blankets on each chair for them to use as well.

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