Bring MOANA to life for your child with #JAKKSToys! #DisneysMoanaToys

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Have you seen Disney’s new movie Moana yet? In case you’re not familiar, the film is the story of Moana, the 16-year-old strong-willed daughter of the chief in a Polynesian tribe. After a blight strikes her island, Moana sets out to search for Maui, a legendary demigod, with the hopes he’ll help save her people.

It’s a cute movie and kids love it! The other day, as we were walking through Walmart, my daughter said to me, “Look, Mom! It’s Maui, the demigod of the Wind and Sea!” She’s obviously seen the commercial for Mega Maui a few times because she went on to quote him further. Honestly, I don’t remember the rest of what she said because I was trying to hurry her out of the toy section!

Bring MOANA to life for your child with #JAKKSToys! #DisneysMoanaToys

A few days later, Barb asked me if I’d like to review some of the Moana toys. The answer was a big YES! So guess who showed up for Christmas! You guessed it! Singing Moana and her pig Pua and rooster friend Heihei and Mega Maui. Also in the package of Moana goodies was Maui’s Magical Fishhook!

When the box arrived, I was literally like a kid at Christmas myself. Trying to sneak a peek at the toys while the little one was looking for snacks in the pantry. I found out that batteries are included the hard way – I accidentally pushed the button on the fish hook as I pulled it out and it lit up and started making noise! So like any mom who just totally got busted, I quickly shoved it back in the box and acted like nothing happened. Thankfully, she was too hungry to notice. Crisis averted!

Bring MOANA to life for your child with #JAKKSToys! #DisneysMoanaToys

After dropping her off at a dance lesson I got a closer look. My first impression was WOW. This Maui sure is MEGA! He’s a big boy at 16 inches tall and approximately 14 inches wide and as solid as he looks.  Maui is also highly detailed – his iconic tattoos are the first thing you notice about him. When you press his bone necklace, the demigod says 12 phrases from the movie and even sings “You’re welcome!” His fishhook is removable and he can be played with either way.

Bring MOANA to life for your child with #JAKKSToys! #DisneysMoanaToys

Singing Moana is also a singer (as you might have guessed!) When you press her iconic shell necklace, it lights up and she says several phrases from the movie and sings “How Far I’ll Go.” Kids can relive scenes from the movie with Moana and her friends Heihei and Pua. As you can see, all the pieces stand on their own, which is something I really like. Moana’s arms and legs also move, but Heihei and Pua are stationary.

Bring MOANA to life for your child with #JAKKSToys! #DisneysMoanaToys

Maui’s Magical Fishhook is a bigger and more interactive version of the one that comes with Mega Maui. It’s 20 inches long with motion activated lights and sounds. I never thought a fishhook would be that exciting, but this is nothing short of awesome. I had a great time swinging it around my living room pretending I was a demigod. Side note: I really hope I had the blinds closed that day! The fishhook is the perfect accessory for a little (or big) adventurer!

All the products I got to review are suited for ages 3 and up. The toys also all include batteries, which is a Christmas bonus in itself!

Bring MOANA to life for your child with #JAKKSToys! #DisneysMoanaToys

For more information on the new JAKKS Pacific MOANA Toy Collection, follow #DisneysMoanaToys and #JAKKSToys on FacebookInstagram and Twitter.

The complete collection includes:

  • Singing Moana & Friends -suggested retail price of $34.99
  • Mega Maui – sold exclusively at Walmart for a suggested retail price of $49.99
  • Moana Adventure Doll – Girls can go on an ocean adventure with Moana. She is dressed in her iconic outfit and necklace from the film, with accessories to match. Also included is a wear and share flower hair clip that girls can wear too! Perfect for girls ages 3 and older at a recommended retail price of $24.99
  • Young Moana – Young Moana is ready for fun and adventure. She’s dressed in her two-piece outfit and seashell necklace. Moana also comes with her turtle friend, and a wear and share flower hair clip that girls can wear too! Young Moana is the perfect friend for bath time and can share adventures with you in and out of water. She is recommend for girls ages 3 and older at a retail price of $19.99
  • Maui’s Magical Fishhook – available at retail for $19.99
  • Moana’s Adventure Outfit – Girls can dress up and relive the adventure of Moana. This iconic two piece outfit features unique prints and the skirt to match. The skirt also has two layers that include fringe details for an authentic Moana adventure look! Fits sizes 4-6X and is at retail for $19.99
  • Moana Wig – Girls can look just like Moana and relive the adventure again and again with Moana’s iconic long brown flowing hair with flower detail. This wig is the perfect addition to your Moana adventure collection. Recommended for girls ages 3 and older for $14.99
  • Moana’s Accessory Set – Kids can complete their adventure look with these Moana inspired accessories. The headband includes woven details and vibrant feathers while the bracelet includes colorful leaves and dangling seashell charms. The bracelet can also be worn as an anklet. Available at retail for a recommended price of $9.99 for girls ages 3 and older
  • Moana’s Magical Necklace – Girls can discover the “Heart of Te Fiti!” with Moana’s iconic blue shell necklace that magically lights up when opened and reveals a soft green glow. The necklace can also light up when closed with a push of a button. Aimed for girls 3 and older, Moana’s Magical Necklace includes 3 button cell batteries and is available for a retail for $9.99
  • Moana’s Percussion Set – Kids can create their own music with this six piece instrument set! Moana’s Percussion Set includes Polynesian-inspired musical instruments and two “Kakamora” that are maracas. The Kakamora can also hold the drum sticks! The set includes one tall drum, one slit drum, two drum sticks, and two maracas. Perfect for kids ages 3 and older for approximately $19.99

We love the movie and the toys are fantastic! If you’ve got a little one looking for some Moana items, there’s still a little time to find them at Walmart. Don’t wait too long though – they’re pretty popular!

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