Preserving Memories and Creating Holiday Treasures with York Photo

It’s hard to dispute that the best part about the holidays is family, and the best way to preserve the memories with family is through photos. One thing that I’ve learned about the aging process is that pictures that I thought were absolutely horrible when I was 20 are beautiful now. Because I don’t look like that anymore, I don’t mind the bad hair or the stain on the sweater that I was trying to hide from the camera. It’s all about the memories of the moment at this point.

Preserving Memories and Creating Holiday Treasures with York Photo
One of our favorite memories of 2015 is now preserved as a beautiful ornament from York Photo.

I find the same goes for pictures of my family. I never thought there was a “bad” picture of my kids, but one or two of them did capture a dirty little boy, and at this point, I’m really happy that I kept them anyway. They’ll never look like that again, and there is just something so sweet about looking at chubby little cheeks and peanut butter and jelly faces that means so much to me.

Pictures of my parents and other older relatives may be wrinkled and have small tears, but there is just no replacing them. Many aren’t in acid-free albums and some are a brownish color from age. Since I so much enjoy looking at them, I decided that the best way to ensure that my children were able to enjoy them when they were older as well was to preserve them. I’ve been scanning them and uploading them to York Photo to make some really cool things out of them.

Now, instead of albums, I’m having photobooks made of both the old photos I want to preserve and the new pictures I’m taking on a daily basis. The photobooks come out beautiful, and I’m saving on ink and photo paper and printing frustrations as well. I couldn’t be happier. Putting the photobooks together online is a fairly simple process, too. You don’t have to have any special technical knowledge other than how to find the photos on your camera.

Preserving Memories and Creating Holiday Treasures with York Photo

Of course, I plan on getting traditional prints too, but York has some amazing photo gifts I can get, like posters, calendars, mugs and canvases and clocks. The list of custom photo gifts is almost endless and I’m amazed at the great prices on them! They make very unique and thoughtful gifts – for example, you could have a travel mug made with a picture of the kids and give it to the grandparents for Christmas. If they’re not coffee drinkers, how about a throw for their sofa? You can even have custom photo ornaments made using the annual Christmas picture.  That’s a fun new tradition to start!

There are so many ways to preserve and give life to both old and new memories with York Photo that I could go on all day listing them. Why not give it a try yourself and see what kind of creations you can come up with? Start preserving your treasured photos at

Preserving Memories and Creating Holiday Treasures with York Photo
Displaying our passion for Star Wars on our new fridge with fun magnets from York Photo.

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