Tips for Surviving Holiday Overindulgence from About A Mom

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I always say I’m not going to stuff myself silly on Thanksgiving, but inevitably, I do!  Really, with all the delicious food and desserts galore, it’s so hard not to.  We typically have two dinners on Thanksgiving as we split our time between families and even if I just graze and have a little bit here and a little bit there… well, it adds up to a bit too much holiday overindulgence.  As a Smiley360 blogger , I’m working with Pepto-Bismol this year to share information and tips with my readers for the holidays.

Tips for Surviving Holiday Overindulgence from About A Mom

It’s such a treat to enjoy all the great foods and seriously, who can resist mom’s stuffing or grandma’s famous pumpkin pie?  I don’t want the abundance of goodies to ruin my day, though, or leave me so sluggish that I’m unable to enjoy the evening with family and friends.

Do suffer from holiday overindulgence?  How do you handle the bloated feelings or upset stomach that can sometimes follow?

I recently discovered this post from About A Mom talking about How to Survive Holiday Overindulgence.  I really love the idea presented of creating a “Holiday SOS” kit.  If you’d like a backup plan for Thanksgiving, be sure to check it out:

I’d love to hear your ideas too!  What tips do you have for surviving holiday overindulgence ?


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    • Danielle
    • December 2, 2015

    Well, this year we all decided to have a lighter Thanksgiving dinner and it all worked out pretty well. My dad has some health problems so his doctor recommended a stricter diet from now on. I’ve never been one to stuff my belly with holiday foods but my husband is the exact opposite; he has a million cravings so he always does his job and empties his plate. I take it slow and have small portions of most of the dishes. My advice is to never sitdown hungry before this kind of meals, you’ll always be tempted to eat more than you need. Hope this helps!

      • Barb Webb
      • December 3, 2015

      Fabulous tips, Danielle! Thank you so much for sharing!

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