Scare-“crow” Thanksgiving Craft for Kids | Fall #DIY Table Decor

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Looking for a fun craft for the kids for Thanksgiving this year?  This scarecrow craft is super easy, fun and makes a great decorative conversation piece for your Thanksgiving table.  All you need are plastic cups (like Dixie or Solo,) and a few embellishments you likely have on hand already.  (It’s a great way to recycle plastic cups, so be sure to start saving them!)

The cups make excellent place holders for your Thanksgiving guests or a terrific vessel for treats for a fall harvest celebration.  Any way you decide to display this scarecrow Thanksgiving craft for kids, you’ll be sure to get rave reviews from recipients and make a memorable craft time with your child.

Scarecrow Thanksgiving Craft for Kids | Fall #DIY Table Decor

Supplies needed:

Small plastic cups (bathroom size)
Craft paints (black and yellow)
Orange construction paper
Googly eyes
Craft glue


Decide how many scarecrow cups you will need.  For each scare “crow”, paint 1 plastic cup black and 1 plastic cup yellow.  Allow painted cups to dry.

Cut out small diamond shapes from orange construction paper for the “beak” of the crow.

When cups are dry, cut slits in the upper half of the yellow cup, approximately one-quarter-inch apart.  Bend slits outward. This forms the brim of the scarecrow hat.

Turn black cup over so that the opening is facing downward.  Place yellow “hat” cup on top of black cup and secure with glue.

Add a button embellishment to the front of the hat (as pictured,) secure with glue.  Add googly eyes to the front of the black cup (as pictured,) secure with glue.

Fold orange construction paper diamond in half to form a beak.  Secure with glue to the front of the black cup (as pictured.)

Your scarecrow is now complete!

If you wish to use as place cards for your Thanksgiving table, use a permanent market to write guest names on the yellow hat.

If you want to use the scarecrows to hold candy or other treats, cut a circle from black or orange construction paper that is slightly larger than the opening of the black cup.  Turn scarecrow over, fill with treats.  Use glue to secure circle to the opening of the black cup to seal it.


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