Why We Love Mr. Micknit’s DIY Stick-On Holiday Patch Kits #DIY #crafts

Why We Love Mr. Micknit's DIY Stick-On Holiday Patch Kits #DIY #crafts

Nostalgia is a funny, fickle thing.  If you ever told me I’d miss the bubbly over-decorated holiday sweaters from the 80’s, I’d probably have kicked you with my Billy Idol-esque boots.

But I do.  I miss the sequins, pompoms, over-done embroidery and embellishments because they simply oozed Christmas spirit.  A spirit we don’t seem to see enough as our lives have become scheduled to the hilt and we’ve had curtail some of our public holiday glee.

At holiday modern holiday gatherings, people now tend to wear clothing styles that either consist of standard t-shirts and jeans or dress wear that looks like shimmering lights more suited for the hip dance club scene, than for Christmas celebrations.

Now, don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with modern clothing and decor, but for the holidays, I say bring back the buttons and sequins, felt and jingle bells, too!

Why We Love Mr. Micknit's DIY Stick-On Holiday Patch Kits #DIY #crafts

Michael Simon, the original conversational sweater designer since the 1980’s, has caught the holiday nostalgia bug, too, translating it into a fun modern-spin on the old classics with Mr. Micknit’s DIY Holiday Patch Kits.  

The kits are chock full of whimsical well-designed embellishments and lovingly detailed stick-on patches that can be used to spruce up any item you can imagine.  You can use the self-adhesive patches to decorate your own holiday sweaters, tote bags, gifts, notebooks, electronics, craft projects, wine bottles, dressers, holiday purses — wherever your heart desires to add a bit of Christmas cheer!

Why We Love Mr. Micknit's DIY Stick-On Holiday Patch Kits #DIY #crafts

Each kit comes with a variety of self adhesive patches plus an assortment of holiday decorations including 2 strips of holiday ribbon, 2 balls of colored yarn, bags of sequins, rhinestones, buttons, jingle bells, pom poms and two large sheets of self adhesive felt that you can cut into your own special patches. It’s a wonderful box of holiday inspiration that you can use to carve out craft time with your kids, decorate your home or use to create memorable hand-crafted holiday gifts. 

Micknit Kits will soon be available for purchase online, but right now Michael Simon and team are focused on kick-starting the craft kits to the next level to introduce Halloween, Valentines Day and other holiday kits with the same magical nostalgic style.  

You can view all of the Micknit DIY Stick-On Holiday Patch Kits here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2013127126/mr-micknits-diy-stick-on-holiday-patch-kit and if you support the Kickstarter campaign, you’ll be among the first to receive patches or complete kits to help you prep for the holiday season! 

(Note: when the Kickstarter campaign ends, you’ll find more information at 

Be sure to take a peek at all the Mr. Micknit Kits and let the shapes and ideas inspire your holiday crafting, decorations and DIY projects!  

Why We Love Mr. Micknit's DIY Stick-On Holiday Patch Kits #DIY #crafts

Special thanks to Mr. MicKnit for sending over a sample kit to check out.  It’s truly a treat and has us excited for the holiday season!  All thoughts, opinions, nostalgia and general giddiness over this kit are all that of Rural Mom.

Barb Webb. Founder and Editor of Rural Mom, is an author and sustainable living expert nesting in Appalachian Kentucky. When she’s not chasing chickens around the farm or engaging in mock Jedi battles, she’s writing about country living and artisan culture.
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    • Daisy B
    • September 3, 2014

    That is super cute! My little boy is excited about Christmas even though it is only September. He would have a lot of fun with these supplies.

    • Tough Cookie Mommy
    • September 4, 2014

    These patch kits are so cute. I love adding a festive decorative flair around the house for Christmas and these are perfect for doing so.

    • Dana Vee
    • September 6, 2014

    This would be super fun to do as a family affair:) thanks for sharing this great info

    • Mr. Micknit
    • September 22, 2014

    Hey everyone we will have our kits up on Amazon shortly 😀

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