Waving Good-bye to Pre-Wash and Rinse Aid with Cascade Platinum

Waving Good-bye to Pre-Wash and Rinse Aid with Cascade Platinum

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Cascade. I received a product sample to facilitate my review and a promotional item as a thank you for participating.

If you’ve been hanging around Rural Mom long enough, you know we always whipping something good in the kitchen.  You might think my choice kitchen appliance is the oven, but it runs a close second to my ultimate favorite – the dishwasher.   As much cooking as we do around here, that handy gadget is simply invaluable!

The problem is, that invaluable appliance sometimes provides less-than-ideal results.  It’s no fault of the machine, though, it’s simply a matter of what dishwasher soap I choose to trust with our utensils, glassware, serving sets and bake ware. I’ll wager you’ve made some of the same mistakes I have…

Mistakes like failing to remember to fill the rinse aid compartment and in turn, having spots and streaks galore on your dishes.  Or, worse, forgetting to pre-wash a plate and ending up with stuck-on residue after the wash cycle is done.

These mishaps can ruin your plans for a dinner party, have your kids wiping off streaks on glasses with their t-shirts, and certainly are not acceptable for any food photography plans (as we often have around here when sharing recipes with you.) 

spot free glassware demonstration
Spots and streaks on dishes can be a real eyesore, particularly if you are photographing glass dishes. 

It doesn’t seem like much, but when you are busy, it’s easy to forget to all the prep work prior to putting your dishes in the dishwasher and when you have to use a pre-wash, wash, and rinse aid, it’s not always convenient to remember all three.

The really good news?  There’s an instant problem solver that will bring joy to your dishwasher woes – new Cascade Platinum

This little dishwasher powerhouse contains:

  • a premium, advanced triple-action formula (works hard to keep your dishes looking their best)
  • Increased enzyme power delivers better tough food cleaning than Cascade Complete Pacs (meaning it helps gets the nasty food residue off)  
  • Unique liquid-top dual surfactant system delivers exceptional shine for the dishes (AND helps keep your dishwasher sparkling) 
  • Specially designed chelant and polymer system helps prevent hard-water film build-up on your dishes, glasses and even the interior walls of your dishwasher (no more icky, spotted dishes)
Waving Good-bye to Pre-Wash and Rinse Aid with Cascade Platinum

With Cascade Platinum, the only thing you’re going to have to remember is:
a) put the dishes in the dishwasher
b) pop the Cascade Platinum pack in
c) hit the wash cycle and enjoy the sparking results

No fuss, no muss, no extra formulas or liquid boosters needed.  It really is that simple and effective – which absolutely makes me one super happy Rural Mom in the kitchen.

Cascade is also bringing you clever ways to improve your food presentation by partnering with Top Chef judge Gail Simmons.  Gail discusses why presentation is just as important as preparation in a series of videos located on the Cascade Facebook page and the Cascade YouTube page.

For more information on Cascade Platinum, visit the Cascade website.

Barb Webb. Founder and Editor of Rural Mom, is an author and sustainable living expert nesting in Appalachian Kentucky. When she’s not chasing chickens around the farm or engaging in mock Jedi battles, she’s writing about country living and artisan culture.
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    • Daisy B
    • June 10, 2013

    I’ve been pre-rinsing all of our dishes and they still come out with a residue. My husband and I were just talking about this today and decided that we need to try something new. It’s great timing that you recommended this!

    • Frugal and Fun Mom
    • June 11, 2013

    I noticed a residue on my dishes the other day. I’ll have to look for coupons and for these to go on sale at Publix!

    • Mellissa Hanks
    • June 11, 2013

    I LOVE these!

    • Daisy B
    • June 11, 2013

    I wanted to follow up because I went and bought this and it worked really well! Woohoo.

    • Tough Cookie Mommy
    • June 11, 2013

    I’m so jealous! I’ve been dying to get a dishwasher for a long time now. I would not want any yucky residue on my dishes so I would definitely invest in this product.

    • Kristyn
    • June 12, 2013

    i need to try these ones out for sure!

    • Darlene Sexton
    • March 4, 2017

    I finally got a dishwasher, never had one till now. I bought these cascade platinum pass & have been using finish rinse aid. Do I not need to use a rinse aid?

      • Barb Webb
      • March 5, 2017

      Hi Darlene! A rinse aid is optional always, but we found with the Cascade Platinum, it really wasn’t necessary. Some dishwasher solutions are better than others at leaving glassware spot free. Next time, try it without the rinse aid and see if you like the results as much. It is nicer, for sure, to simply use one product when possible.

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