Easy Sequin Easter Egg Craft for Kids

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Easy Sequin Easter Egg Craft for Kids

If your looking for a craft to add a little “bling” to your Easter decorations, one that’s fun for family craft time, or one to keep little hands busy while you’re prepping for the Easter celebration, sequin eggs will be a sure-fire hit!

Supplies Needed: 

Styrofoam eggs
straight pins (or blunt edge plastic pins, great for toddlers)
sequins, various colors (by preference)
ribbon, thin in (white or coordinated colors)


Set up your sequins and pins so that they are easy to sort through and select.

Cut a 6-8 inch length of ribbon and fashion into a bow with a loop (for hanging) for the top of the egg.  Or, optionally, cut a length of ribbon to wrap around the egg and tie at the top – it should be enough to wrap around the egg plus 5 inches extra to fashion a bow.

Select a sequin, thread pin through the hole of the sequin and secure to the Styrofoam egg.

Easy Sequin Easter Egg Craft for Kids

Repeat until egg is covered in your desired pattern.  You can cover the egg completely, create a random design, or have fun with shapes and initials.

When you are finished applying the sequins to the eggs, attach the ribbon to the top of the top of the egg using straight pins to secure.

Hang finished eggs on an Easter tree, use for decorations throughout the home, hang on small plants or bushes, gift to friends and family, or simply use for table decor.

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    • Melanie
    • March 22, 2013

    this looks super cute and sooo easy to make with the kids; we can make them and add them to our Easter Tree..LOVE it. Thanks for sharing

    • Grace
    • March 24, 2013

    So cute we may try it this year for Easter.

    • Samantha
    • April 8, 2013

    Moms and kids should have some more of these unique concepts. These are very edifying.

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