September 12, 2014

Dollar Tree Crafts: Paint Your Own Oktoberfest Beer Glass #Tutorial #DIY

Dollar Tree Crafts: Paint Your Own Oktoberfest Beer Glass #Tutorial #DIY

September 20 will bring the tapping of the first Oktoberfest barrel in Munich along with parades and the beginning of festival celebrations.  Though the first day of autumn is technically a few days later in the calendar, Oktoberfest, is a fabulously signifies the fall season!

My first experience with Oktoberfest was actually at Walt Disney's Epcot theme park where it is celebrated all year long at Biergarten.  I was younger and not of drinking age, so the beer was not the attraction (ha ha!)  What was mesmerizing to me what the happy nature of the festivity, the colorful representation of costumes, an the amazing selection of food.  Since that day, I've always wanted to attend the real Oktoberfest (still on my bucket list) and infuse that same level of celebration and merriment into the start of autumn.

September 11, 2014

Create Your Own Backyard Oasis with Plush End of Summer Sales from Brylane Home

Create Your Own Backyard Oasis with Plush End of Summer Sales from Brylane Home
Enjoying our backyard is always a treat, but when you have shady spots and comfortable furniture to relax with, it becomes a wonderful haven! 
Thanks to Brylane Home, I've been able to put together a mini, portable oasis to enhance our outdoor living. 

Fall is quickly on the horizon and though I love summer, autumn is one of my favorite times to spend time enjoying the sunny days outside.  Many of the bugs have moved on, the days are a bit cooler and I actually get a chance to carve out a little "me" time here and there when the kiddos are at school!

This time of year is the best time to snag end-of-summer sales and clearances on all those backyard items you yearned for during the summer months, but couldn't find the budget for.  Right now, Brylane Home is an excellent resource for furnishing your outdoor oasis with deep discounts of up to 75 percent off, it's a great time to save!

Are you Pro-Health When It Comes To Your Dental Hygiene Routine? #CrestProHealth

Are you Pro-Health When It Comes To Your Dental Hygiene Routine? #CrestProHealth
It's important to me to maintain good dental hygiene habits for the overall health benefits.  But I also enjoy having a nice clean, bright smile!
Thanks to Smiley 360 for sending over Crest Pro-Health and Oral-B samples to help keep my teeth in
tip-top shape!

I think we can agree that oral hygiene and dental health is very important. Without proper hygiene you can soon develop bigger problems down the road, and nobody wants to go through the many different problems it can lead to!

It’s important to brush your teeth at least twice a day, once in the morning and once before you go to bed and you also need to make sure to floss and rinse them every day, as well. Food and bacteria gets stuck in between teeth and brushing can’t reach it all.  Bottom line, we all want a healthier smile!

September 10, 2014

What Are Your Dirty Laundry Room Secrets? | Wisk Deep Clean Review

The Laundry Room Scoop on Wisk Deep Clean

Did you know that one week of body oils and sweat can fill up a 600ML jar?

I recently learned that startling statistic from the Wisk® Yuck Report’s “Dirty Secrets Revealed:”

Really kinda gross, huh?  Makes you re-think how often you change the sheets on your bed, for sure!

The study also revealed:

September 9, 2014

Showing My #Kentucky Pride in the Kitchen with Epicurean State Cutting Boards

Epicurean State Cutting Boards Kentucky

We Rural Moms are certainly enthusiastic about our kitchen tools and decor - no surprise there!  I have to say, though, I get even more giddy when I find a product that not only provides functionality but also have great sentimental or personal meaning attached.

It's why I'm currently over-joyed that Epicurean sent over a Kentucky-shaped Epicurean State Cutting Board for our review.  If home is where the heart is, then my heart is certainly tied to our Kentucky kitchen!
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