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30 Ways to Save Money Around Your Home

January 21, 2019

There are two ways to increase your savings potential for the new year – either earn more or save more.  If you can combine the two effort, even better!  But, it’s not always possible to earn more income, so the way to make a difference in the bottom line of your budget is find ways […]

Home DIY

Easy Home Projects for Winter Break

January 16, 2019

Do you feel enthusiastic this winter break to get some things done around the house?  Winter break is a perfect time to complete some easy home projects with your family. Get the kids involved, and learn some new skills together while working on an easy home project. Or two or three! Declutter your home. Go […]

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Home Safety Tips for Winter Storms

January 14, 2019

You must protect your home from the brutal storms that can occur in the winter-time. Preferably, many of these tasks are done before winter hits. However, many of these tasks can still be performed during winter, if it is must. It is better to performed right before a storm hits than during one. Here are […]


Fresh Roasted Tomato and Jalapeno Salsa Recipe

January 11, 2019

Every time of year is a great time for salsa!  Chock full of vegetables and flavor, this is a low calorie, nutrient dense treat that’s also great for snacking while you are working on your New Year’s health goals.  Fresh Roasted Tomato and Jalapeno Salsa is a true classic that’s easy to prep and enjoy.  […]


How to Protect Flowering Plants from Winter Frosts

January 9, 2019

Having a large selection of winter flowering plants in your garden provides your garden with a wonderful spray of scent and color in what would otherwise be a cold and bare season. Because of this, many winter flowering plants such as Winter Jasmine, Winter Honeysuckle, Wintersweets and winter flowering Camellias are becoming increasingly popular additions […]


Captain Marvel, Aladdin, Penguins and More – 2019 Walt Disney Studios Movie Lineup!

January 7, 2019

It’s time to mark your calendars and celebrate the 2019 Walt Disney Studios Movie Lineup! As a life-long Disney, Star Wars and Marvel fan, this is definitely information I love to share each year and I’m extra excited to see a Disneynature film in the lineup, too.  Earth-stewardship is a key element of Rural Mom’s […]

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How To Get Rid of Cold Winter Drafts

January 7, 2019

Doors and windows are two of the biggest energy wasting areas of the house. In the summer, they may allow cool air to escape, and in the winter, they allow heat to do the same. They also allow cold winter drafts to permeate the interior of the house, making rooms cold and uncomfortable. Normally, you […]


New Year, New Ideas: How to Choose a Craft for a Hobby

January 4, 2019

Maybe you’ve never started crafting or maybe you are looking to find a new craft to add to your hobby list.  Whatever drew you to this article, working with a craft you enjoy can help relieve stress, enliven your creativity, and even provide the satisfaction of being able to gift handmade items. Crafting is an […]