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Fantastic Beasts Gift Ideas (And Where to Find Them!)

November 15, 2018

When it comes to things I’m super excited about, the new film Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald is at the WAY top of the list!  I’m literally counting down the minutes to the premiere. That said, it only seems fitting that I’ve been checking out the merchandise, too! (How else will my family know […]


Holiday Baking: Mezcal Chocolate Truffles

November 14, 2018

Silky melt-on-your tongue ganache cased inside a brittle chocolate shell. Snap, crackle – pop it in your mouth delight! Mezcal Chocolate Truffles are not only one of life’s confectionery pleasures, but a splendid addition to your holiday dessert table and a fine gift-giving option. Each year I embark on a holiday truffle journey that includes […]

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Best Tips for Caring for Your Bedroom Linens

November 12, 2018

Do you update your bedroom linens with the seasons? It might sound like something that only people with too much time and money on their hands do, but the truth is that it can be easily and inexpensively done for the summer and winter seasons.  We recently updated our home with The luxurious Saatva Dreams […]


Top Toys for 2018 | Rural Mom Holiday Guide

November 11, 2018

It’s that time of year again! We’ve compiled a list of our favorite top toys for 2018. All toys on this list encourage learning, creativity, and activity in some way. Of course, they’re lots of fun to play with, too! This year’s list also focuses a lot on toys that help to develop motor skills. […]


50 by 50: What happened when I tried a gluten free diet?

November 10, 2018

Three weeks into working on weight loss and I’m feeling energized!  At the beginning of the week I simply felt good and I’m still thankfully on that high note.  It feels great to be three weeks into working on a healthier me. How are you doing along your journey?  Are you finding things to be […]


12 Days of Book Gifting 2018 Holiday Guide

November 9, 2018

As you know, we’re huge fans of books around here. So it only makes sense that we have a 12 Days of Book Gifting guide, right?  Each of these books was hand-selected from the abundance of choices available because we found them to be chock full of inspiration, creative ideas, and certain to deliver many […]

Teachig children the art of caring for nature while having fun. Pince cone craft bird feeder

Pine Cone Craft Bird Feeder

November 8, 2018

Pine Cone Craft Bird Feeder Our pine cone craft is marking its mile stone as a traditional craft in our home for over 30+ years. I still remember the day seeing my daughter excitedly running through our door and telling me about her class room project of making bird feeders from this pine cone craft. […]


Gifts That Nourish | Rural Mom 2018 Holiday Guide

November 7, 2018

“Gifts That Nourish” is a new guide we added this year for all our foodies and home chefs. You’ll find that all the goodies on this list excite the senses or enhance the experience in and outside the kitchen. In other words, these are the gifts to give those who love all things food and […]