December 18, 2014

35 Amazing Christmas Cookie #Recipe Exchange Favorites

35 Amazing Christmas Cookie #Recipe Exchange Favorites

One of the first things you think about when it comes to the holidays is the food - particularly the cookies.  I've collected some favorites from our Rural Mom Kitchen and from some of my favorite blogs to share with all of you.  Try out a few of  these new recipes.  They may just turn into a holiday tradition!

Top Holiday Gift Ideas from Best Buy #HintingSeason

Top Holiday Gift Ideas from Best Buy #HintingSeason

You know Dasher and Dancer and Comet and Cupid... but how about XBox and Garmin and JBL and TomTom?

Don't you recall? They are the most excellent gift selections of all!

If your family is anything like my family, they have visions of technology dancing in their heads.  How amazing it will be if they find any of these wonderful brands under our Christmas tree!

Choose the Right Kitchen Cabinets For Your Home

A kitchen remodel with beautiful new cabinets can cost thousands of dollars, but your cabinets have a huge impact on the functionality and appearance of your kitchen. Here's a few design tips to help you find cabinets that meet your design requirements, storage needs and budget.

When selecting kitchen cabinets, look closely at the basic cabinet boxes which make up the spine of your cabinets. They need to hold all the weight of things you store in the kitchen like small appliances, heavy pots and pans, dishes and food items. Cabinets and doors should be anchored with a strong strap hinge that will securely hold things is place. If hinges and braces aren't strong enough, your cabinets will break down faster and fall apart.

December 17, 2014

Christmas Cranberry Fruit Salsa #Recipe #StackandSnap

Christmas Cranberry Salsa #Recipe #StackandSnap
As a Hamilton Beach Ambassador, I have the exciting opportunity to test out a Hamilton Beach Stack and Snap 10 Cup Food Processor in the Rural Mom kitchen!  Though I've received this appliance at no charge, all thoughts, opinions and experiences are solely that of Rural Mom. 

Cranberry is one of my very favorite fall and holiday flavors.  Whether paired with turkey, flavoring sweets or mixed into a holiday cocktail, it's a treat!

The one place I generally found cranberries missing from though, is the appetizer table.  This simply will not do, so I decided to whip up a Christmas Cranberry Fruit Salsa for our volunteer group holiday gathering and it was a sure-fire hit!  Everyone was surprised by the bright red sweet-tart flavor and how well it paired with traditional tortilla chips.  Traditional salsa contains hot peppers, but this tangy and sweet blend of flavors pairs so well, you'll never miss the kick. It's definitely a mix I'll be keeping on my holiday party appetizer go-to list!
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