Upgrade Snack Time with Boursin Gourmet Cheese!

Boursin Cheese w Pinot

My husband and I are cheese lovers. When we’re shopping together, we can often be found, heads together discussing a new variety of cheese. In a way, you could say trying and learning about different types of cheeses is one of our hobbies, much like going to estates sales are. When Smiley 360 offered to […]

Get quick relief from life’s many pains with Salonpas®


Spring has nearly sprung and my family and I simply can’t wait for another outdoor season on our land.  From weeding and seeding to scrubbing porches and patio furniture, welcoming spring means a lot of chores, which can lead to tired, sore or strained muscles. That’s why I was excited to work with Salonpas®,who sent […]

Disneynature’s MONKEY KINGDOM Educators Guide #MonkeyKingdom


Did you know that Toque macaques are like us?  I just learned that they live in families, are exceptionally social animals and communicate using a wide variety of facial expressions, body postures and vocalizations. This fun fact and oodles of other interesting information can be found in the printable, downloadable MONKEY KINGDOM Educator’s Guide below! This […]

25 Quick and Easy Easter Crafts for Kids


Whether you’re the type of family that never misses an Easter Sunday at church, or you’re all about the bunnies and candy, you and your kids are going to appreciate this list of fun Easter Crafts for kids.  There are a few different egg-decorating tutorials, some bunny activities, and even a Peep-worthy bird house to […]